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Dummy's been spat out....


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Tony Gallagher ?@gallaghereditor 1h Things at Newcastle must be worse than we thought: they have banned our reporter Luke Edwards for revealing the dressing room is split


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The truth hurts eh?

This regime has been built on lies, lies and more lies.

It doesn't take a genius to work out why the split has happened.


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The regime probably just wanted it hushed up so they can get better prices for our players in the summer. It's a lot harder to hold out for high transfer fees when everyone knows the dressing room is a shambles and people want out


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The players deserve as much stick as anyone, they are the ones getting paid stupid amounts of money to put in pathetic performances like Saturday. So what if you don't like your team mates or manager just get on with your job, the whole lot of them can get fucked for all I care. They are no better than the team that got us relegated.


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They are rapidly turning into that, but it's a combination of factors.

A big part of a manager's job is man management, and no manager with a brain is going to buy problem player after player. Although they weren't problems in themselves, buying nothing but French players in a foreign league was surely asking for trouble.

They are well known for being sulky fùckers, but with one or two, you can handle it. If the majority of your team are French, it's a ticking time bomb, unless handled well.

The fact that Pardew has no say just doesn't help at all. It's a ridiculous state of affairs, built on the premis that they are buying good players with the intention to sell for a profit, to which Pardew is complicit.

Somebody forgot to tell them that they have to be performing well in order to make a profit.

In some ways I'm glad it's not working as a model.


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This looks to be all about leaderhsip - we have none, at any level in the club and their PR answer to someone writing a piece that links what we can see with some credible words for a change is to ban the fella. How about someone, somewhere at the club getting a grip of the situation eh?


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The rumours are a load of rubbish. It was just unlucky that Pardew fell out with the board at Reading, with the players and crowd at West Ham, with the crowd at Charlton and with the players at Southampton. It's obvious there is nothing in it. Lightening doesn't strike twice.