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Peak Rover

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Duffy was a very clever player who was the perfect link between Midfield and attack.Although some around me in the south stand didn't think so. If only he could turn the clock back he''d give Brewster and Jebbison the service to be prolific.Come on Chronic give us someone who could replicate him.


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He probably wouldn’t fit now like he hasn’t anywhere else before or since he just fitted in that system perfectly no one else played him like we did,Wigan brum and stoke all tried using him as an out an out wide man a position he was wasted in

Rod Currie

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I can’t include them all Rotty! That’s what those 2 etcs were for.:yes:
How come you didn't give Don Givens a mention Bigglenaldo? A Pig fan who was one of the best tormenters i've known,used to call the awful day when we were relegated to the 4th division,Thank Givens day.:giggle: My God did we give him some verbals on the BLADES GLORY Pigs down weekend.:ROFLMAO: UTB