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I suggest there aren't enough good bands to see anymore. Modern "music" has become as dumb as the people. I simply can't have rap, dance, and all the other shit, and I can't imagine many people in Lincoln wanting to see P-Diddy or whatever the hell he might call himself these days.
Stand-up has been castrated by PC. I'd imagine a comedian is frightened to death of offending anyone with anything he says.
But similarly, I can't stand superhero type films either. I'm just a miserable middle-aged bloke!
I make you right on dumbed down for sure, probably in most of the world, maybe more so in the western leaning places. To be fair, there are idiots in charge of plenty more countries too.
You grumpy old sod! ;)

Barney Imp

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Sad news indeed.

Too many venues suffering from the current situation - and the government's response. Perhaps they could tender to make some masks, get a few million quid upfront...