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Don't Panic - BodyButter to Vital Inter EXCLUSIVE!


Vital Football Legend
Vital Villa has been rocked today with the news that legendary Vital Villan BodyButter has been linked with a big money move to Vital Inter Milan.

BodyButter's agent, Kermit McHermit, said that he has had no contact from Vital Inter Milan but that something could be worked out, as long as he gets his 10%.

"I've had no contact from anyone about BodyButter. Ever." said the agent. "But if someone is throwing money around, I'd like some. This caravan doesn't pay for itself you know".

Vital Villa's Supreme Leader Jonathan Fear is believed to be open to any deal. A close friend revealed that an offer of £10 or more would probably be enough to secure BodyButter's services. "We all know the way Fear goes through money. Even in this recession, he's still buying more trainers. I think Fear would take any money for him, or just a curry or whatever. "

Vital Inter Milan expressed surprise at the impending transfer. A spokesman said; "We usually try to sign posters who are funny or interesting but ever since the President did acid with Berlusconi, he's been a bit mental so who knows."

The Fear

A Wise Man (once sat next to him)
I believe I've been misquoted and the agent has led you a merry dance as in recent months there has been an almost seismic shift from trainers to shoes.

Darn those agents...


Vital Football Legend
Am I the only one thinking front page it minus the acid crack lol

And Bodybutter have Talksport taught you nothing, you can only claim an exclusive once it's already been published numerous times by others.