Doncaster Rovers 0-0 Lincoln City: What 3 Things Did We Learn? | Vital Football

Doncaster Rovers 0-0 Lincoln City: What 3 Things Did We Learn?


Vital Football Hero
1. The league table has now settled down and despite our best hopes we have to be looking to those in and around us rather than those higher up the table. There is a pretty distinct split developing now between those who you'd think will still be up at the top come the end of April and the rest and the truth of the matter is that we are very much among the others. We are a better team than many in our division but that fact has often been the case with teams who end up in the bottom four after 46 games. So there is precious little point as a supporter of The Imps crowing over Sunderland's defeat if the three points they've lost have been gained by Shrewsbury. I suspect that some of our supporters who are somewhat newer to this addiction will find this as something of a wake up call for them if their boos at the end of the match are anything to go on.

2. We really miss Tom Hopper. I think his injury has been the one which has caused us the most disruption this season. Now I know he is not the mythical 20 goals a season striker, but how he plays is absolutely key to the success of our attacking play. How Tom is able to hold the ball up and bring other players into the attack is what is missing. He has the experience to know how play that number 9 role and if he was playing last Saturday many of the flawed decisions made would have not been made. Passes would have found better placed players and we would have ended up with 3 points from the game.

3. Neither Jorge Grant nor Brennan Johnson have been replaced yet. The missing aspects of the play on Saturday was pace and that little bit of invention. We were extremely fortunate to have Brennan charging down the wing last season and replacing that standard of player was never going to be easy, but we do need that outlet. Jorge Grant's ability to spot a pass is also missing from last season. Again very difficult to replace but these are the two aspects that need to be addressed come the January window. Easy to say and write but if we are to have a better second half of the season those are the key areas to look at (and get Tom Hopper fit)