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Does Anyone Support David Cameron's 'Austerity'?


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Please humour my curiousity. I see the Tories' war on the poor continues relentlesly while those earning over £150k pa are getting a tax cut. Does anyone support these policies or have the Tories failed Britain's democracy?


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Villan Of The North - 3/4/2013 02:34

I support austerity but that does not mean making the lower income groups pay for everything whilst giving tax cuts to the wealthy.
I might need to rephrase the question. I meant to ask about the Tories' policies in Britain.

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I go along with VOTN.

After the other shower of comedians borrowed, borrowed and borrowed so if they faced any problems they'd throw money at it, it was up to the present government to get us back into the world of reality. Let's face it, we have to pay this money back don't we.

However, after saying that, over taxing the poor isn't really the answer. Tax the rich, and they're piss off and live somewhere else, so it is a balancing act really. Unfortunately, they still haven't got the balance right but they knew it would be unpopular, but somebody has to do it, or we'd finish up like Greece or Cyprus.


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Yeah....I do.

Why? Well because we have to accept it is what is going to happen.

The sad thing is the alternative was to attempt to spend our way out of trouble...,which would have led to equal if nit worse consequences.

The UK parliament system allows for no real change, simply more of the same under a different name.


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Choosing a political leader to trust, is like choosing a babysitter from Gary Glitter, Jimmy Saville or Mick Philpott.
You can't tax the rich if they, or their money, aren't here. These people are also the ones most likely to provide new jobs and economic growth. It was always a nonsense to impose a 50% tax rate.

Personal Allowances are going up, making most people better off. It wasn't so long ago that only the first £6,000 was untaxed. By next year it will be £10,000. That affects far more people, but doesn't provide any sensationalist headlines.


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There is an argument both ways: Unfortunately it is the most vulnerable getting the backlash. My point is why aren't the rich bankers who fcuked it up being made to pay too.

Yes changes need to happen in the system however the changes are hurting the most vulnerable. I don't see the fat cat bankers paying or the government/parties who are all in this together with us. Yeah right.

With what I do I see too much of the other side and how many vulnerable are getting hurt. We have food banks again in this country. Something that was supposed to have finished in the early 1900 century.


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It's evitable, the last tax rate for high earners was bringing in less, and despite Labour's bitching, it will now be higher than under them and we all know they pushed through that rate so they could beat the Tories with it knowing it was counter productive.

What they haven't got right is simple growth, social housing, even slashing the tax on petrol would affect basic food prices, get businesses on the move again but no we get a penny off lager and they continue to be subsidised for everything.

A simple truth on benefit fraud is it's a drip in the ocean, probably akin to all the 'expenses' MP's and their staff are entitled to. what's of far more harm is big business 'negotiating' their own tax bills like Vodaphone and others who owed substantial amounts but came to an agreement to avoid court cases.

There's plenty more they could do and should do, but when they hide behind 'treasury revenues dipping' when it's not their fucking money to begin with, nothing will happen as too many follow the headlines.

Cut back, make the system fairer, reduce the deficit and then reduce our borrowing levels but make sure the economy grows and people become less dependent on benefits to live a reasonably content life at the same time.

If somebody on 50 grand can manage a budget why should they be entitled to any benefits? Kids shouldn't be an excuse to access more money for example.


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mike_field - 2/4/2013 20:05

Food banks arrived under Labour despite all their borrowing.
Yes and they are going to be used more and more now. Our church was the 1st to open 1 in York. Will be 4 by the end of this month. We seeing people coming through everyday and it's getting more and more.

Crisis loans and grants have been done away with by the government. The monies have been given to local councils at 10% less to hand out for people in crisis. Food banks up to press have been subsidized by the public with collections done at supermarkets. This will continue with regular supermarket collections from the public

The council will beable to top them up. People on pre payment meters will only get help with that through the churches under the scheme we call Acts.

Grants will now be chits for people to go to hand 2nd furniture stores


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Shouldnt really talk politics, quickest way to fall out.

All I will say is the time to tell people they are cutting their benefits and they should get back to work is NOT when there are no jobs there in the first place !!!

Also, lets take me, good job, fairly well paid, I am the one they have hit the most

This year I was hoping to buy a new car, which keeps sales rooms in business, which keeps car makers in business, which keeps parts suppliers in business.

I am 500 quid a month worse off - the car has been shelved.

I went on three holidays last year, which keeps Ryanair staff in business, which keeps car parking places at airports in business.

I used to shop at Morrisons for my nice stuff, and Aldis for my everyday stuff, which kept two supermarkets in employment, and suppliers to two supermarkets in employment, and delivery drivers in employment. I now have cut back and only get the basics from Aldi.

This is what the tory party do - last time it was to the working class, the miners, the scousers, the northerners. They never recovered so they can't take off what haven't got it.

Now it is middle Englands turn.

Disaster, our only hope is it should only last for two more years.

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Yes where it is justified , but in many cases it isn't and it is people who are already in work that are getting penalised the most.

On the welfare cuts Duncan -Smith who claims £30 off the taxpayer just for breakfast ,claims he can live on £53 per week which really shows how out of touch this present government are, yet his policies are forcing someone like my sister who has had rhuemetoid arthritis from the age of 10 , who now wears a permanent neck brace due to being injured in a hit and run , has been told her disability benefit is being slashed and that she must find a job.She would love to work , she has a degree etc , but she is physically incapable and yet some private company acting on the governments behalf have told her there is no reason why she can't work full time and that after a half hour "consultation".

As these cuts bite deeper and deeper there are going to be a lot of unhappy , disgruntled people and I can honestly see something like the poll tax riots happening again.


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Extremely difficult situation.
There are the "professionally unemployed" who don't ever want to work, and before I'm shouted down, they exist, I've had my eyes opened by recent knowledge. But there are also very genuine unfortunate people with health issues or simply can't get a job due to age etc ( yes age discrimination is illegal but get real of course it happens) what are the alternatives? Labour would have to cut too, I said all along it s a good election to lose.

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1p off your pints and you scum still moan? :103:

Great election to lose. Not a great one to not win (Tories) as if they couldn't get in properly last time, they aren't going to next after so many unpopular decisions.

Next Government will also be a coalition and it might prove to not be a bad thing.

Liberals certainly pushed for the. 10k threshold which helps.

We needed austerity (in personal households also, most went mad on the credit available, including governments and it was always going to end in tears... An end to boom and bust? Ha! You watch, in a few years the cycle will start again. Hopefully some will have learnt but most won't, certainly not those in power because spending gets votes)

However the Tories have entrenched themselves too much, some times they could ease off and help as well. Almost a stop start.

They needed to slash benefits, it became a lifestyle, and govs wanted that because it got them off the unemployment lists. However what they are doing to the disabled and most vulnerable is a disgrace. Where is the common sense?

But whilst slashing those, they needed to go after tax dodging big business, even if just for 'we are all in this together', as well.

Why they haven't done more to get the as good as nationalised banks working for us and lending is beyond me. They could also have reduced or even suspended stamp duty.

I'd need to see the full figures before fully thinking yes, but did think the call to reduce vat again, if only for a year or so, might have eased some spending issues as well.

But if they can't get the property market going, we won't come out of this any day soon.

I don't have much of a party political angle any more, purely because I feel they have all a) let us down. b) gone so far into the centre it is more a battle of personalities than convictions.

Great question, love politics, it is what I did my degree in and am still glued to the political programmes, but nowadays it is more the pleasure form getting wound up rather than learning much.

They could be working together to get us out of this, instead they have stayed in the, he said - she said crap.

You do have to be very careful taxing (or over taxing) the rich because as others have said in this thread, a fair few are industry leaders and entrepreneurs who create work and jobs. However society has to be seen to be fair.

Drive away all the bankers and big earners and we lose a massive (actually an impressively massive for the size of our country) market. However some of the idiocy of bonuses for those who did bring down the system certainly didn't help those having benefits slashed or jobs ended.

We should be somewhere in between in my humble. I've not got much faith in Osbourne as chancellor.