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Derby County vs Aston Villa Saturday 10th Nov 3PM


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Me too missed the last three games because I was busy getting my fledgling café and catering business off the ground but starting to run smoothly now so I will be in attendance tomorrow and I can't wait COME ON VILLA.


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Mason Mount missing for Derby tomorrow.......well that makes a bloody change. Influential players are usually always fit to face the Villa......perhaps our luck is starting to change! :wahey:


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I think, like others, this is another tough away game against a form team. So I went for a 4-1 win of course.

About time to kick start the season, DS has had a whole week with the team :wahey:. Been a long time since it all came together, but why not tomorrow. All those who are part of the amazing away support, I wish you well and make us proud. :utv:
Off it a bit.

Should be a good game this , be a test of where we are under Smith's short reign.

I like the feeling that we won't be going there to defend.




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Massive improvement in away performance needed if we are to achieve only our second win all season against a top half team. Derby have been on a very good run so deserve to start as big favourites, but very good runs (and bad ours away from home) have to end some time. It would be nice if both ended today and we gave Dean his first away win since April. Can we win? Of course. Will we win? Hopefully, but I doubt it.


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Come on you villa boys :utv::utv::utv::utv:

Let’s play on the front foot, if we lose we tried, if we win it’s a massive boost for our momentum. If it’s a draw, we’ll all take that.


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They have dropped Davies and still have Keogh in, surely thaf suits us.

Interesting that I have been banging on about Grealish playing too deep for 2 yrs and being totally ineffective coz of it, and was just slagged off for being a Jack hater and now Everyone inc our manager is saying exactly the same.

People said it was Bruce playing him oug of position, it vlearly wasnt, it was Jack not listening.

Hopefully, he will now listen because he is one of the 5 key players to getting our success.

He scored a great goal v Bolton but thencwent back to type, he has had 8 days to reflect. I hpe he has.

The reason I am making such a deal is Keogh turns as quick as a HGV in a broom cupboard, if Jack does what he is told and stsys within 35 yards ofvtheir goal, his passes will bevthe key to beating these.

If he dont, we dont win.

WM just said he is on 4 bookings , 1 today, he misses Blues.