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Derby County vs Aston Villa Saturday 10th Nov 3PM

Andrew cape

Vital Youth Team
Tough game but think we will edge this 2-1 as has been mentioned we need our chances put away better, but Smith has had them for another week to get across his ideas. We have a new Keeper Coach so Nyland May benefit, hope Thor is fit for it


One Bloody Number
Barney fit.
Davies in rehab.

My starting XI would be

Doris (Or Nyland if she's busy)


Connor Pirlo



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The more I think about it the more I believe we will win and the result being the catalyst of something rather special

Melon Donkey

Vital Champions League
Abraham needs to start properly firing. Against QPR and Bolton he missed some sitters. The ball is not really sticking with him either.

As has been said by many our crossing is poor. In particular Hutton. Just wonder if Elmo may offer more at right back with his crossing . Think Adomah has lost his ability/struggling to get past someone so would play Bolasie. Only other change I would make from Bolton is Barney in for Connor Hourihane .


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I weng win in the prediction.

I just have this feeling that Derby will take us a bit lightly and we will surprise them.

A draw will be fine but I really do think we will win and play well

2 1 and will mean we will go above the Blues when we beat them - and that is the first step.


One Bloody Number
Can't see why he'd drop Hourihane after Friday. Thought he did very well against Bolton. Some of those deliveries into the box were Beckhamesque.

Nothing against Barney but Hourihane offers so much more. Take him out and you're taking about 30% of our goals out of the team (scoring and assists).

I also thought he looked very good positionally in that holding midfield role. Ok, he's not going to crunch into tackles, but you don't have to be a Roy Keane to play that role if you're clever enough. Carrick wasn't a hard tackler. Neither was Barry. I could go on.


One Bloody Number
Don't want to turn this into the Hourihane thread but just to add to my justification above for him to be starting.

So far this season when he's started we've averaged 1.4pts per game.

When he hasn't started 1.25 pts per game.

Not much in it but when you consider that in 2 of the games he didn't start he came on against Wigan to assist the winner, and scored an equaliser against Blackburn otherwise the average without him would be a lot lower.

Melon Donkey

Vital Champions League
[QUOTE="JuanPabloAngel, post:

Although you're a big Hourihane fan, I'm glad you can see the value of Thor to the side.[/QUOTE]

Stop stirring you naughty boy.

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