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Derby County Fan Comments

Calvin Plummer

Vital Football Legend
Beat them, go above them, and shut the Notts inbreds up. Once A Ram Always A Ram. Kazim to win it for us. Can not wait now an till Friday night.

I’ll be happy with a point. I said four points from Huddersfield and forest would be good. Hoping for a win though obviously.

Not much between the teams, massive local Derby, anything could happen. So sad there’s no crowd. To win would be momentous of course. But if it doesn’t go our way it won’t ultimately change our season - both of these teams will finish comfortably above the relegation zone and we’ll finish above them.

Can't we change the title to notts forest?

Absolutely, years of working in Notts it always made me chuckle just how much calling them Notts triggers them.

Even more strange when Notts is much more factually accurate than Nottingham.

Both teams started the season terribly and are now in fantastic form. We have slowly been climbing the table together. Normally for this fixture it seems one of us is playing badly and the other well, and the side playing well ends up getting derailed. Understandably there's an air of confidence on here, just as there is on the gumps board.

Can’t help thinking Hughton’s going to park the bus and we’ll have trouble breaking them down.

This is going to be seriously tough. It's something like 4th Vs 5rh in the form table. Both teams have an xG against less than 0.5. So I reckon it'll be a 0-0 draw.

The faux outrage from Forest fans on Rooney calling them 'Notts' is bordering a genuine mental health prognosis. Never seen anything like it. Grown men crying about being called Notts rather than Nottingham...

Tonight’s gonna be a tight one. Think 0-0 would be the safe bet, however my gut is saying 1-0 Derby. I think Forest do have the better attacking players so how we manage them will dictate how the match goes.

The Brian Clough Trophy is coming home tonight.

I'm looking forward to seeing Kamil Jozwiak run at the liability that is Cyrus Christie.

Good to see Lolley on the bench, always looks their main danger.

We saw how Bamba dealt with the last min freekick last season so lets put him under pressure with our set pieces. Murray starting means he wont have the pace to press or run in behind but will be dangerous in the air so lets not make it easy for them to put the ball in the box. Big game needed from Buchanan vs Knockaert, dont let him cut in onto his left foot. He wont track back when Buchanan bombs forward.

That pitch really is shocking and not helping our play, Waghorn and Jozwiak both have lost control when trying to run with the ball you can see it bobbling up.

Ribeiro thinks he’s Bamford what a ducking cheat of a dive.

So the dogs game plan is get a free kick anywhere chuck forward the centre half’s and chuck it in there - limited but percentage based.

That’s a penalty all day long.

Blatant peno, screwed by awful referees yet again!!!!

How has the linesman not seen it and HOW has Knight just missed that!

What a surprise, penalty appeal but not given, Marinakas transfers 1 grand.

Miss of the season.

Well drilled aren’t they , when teams lose the ball they will break with 3-4 players, when it breaks down, zoom they are back in position.

I don’t think it was penalty but I am old school but it was a dreadful miss for the lad.

1-0 to ref, well done matey. Notts scumbags.

You can't blame him, he doesn't want his home burning to the ground.

Cyrus Christie looks overweight from his days with us.

This is easy, they are dog excrement, we will get 3 tonight...on an even more positive note, the commentator on ESPN+ is the most bias Derby fan ever.

Forest cannot play it out from the back. When we press them in their half we look threatening. Problem is that Hughton knows that so at the moment it’s us passing it around while they put 11 behind the ball.

Ducks sake. Utterly shocking defending. Pretty much their first attack. Dreadful, dreadful goalkeeping by Marshall as well.

I feel sick.

Forest are going to sit in and make it very difficult to break them down now. Needed to score that first goal.

Awful from Marshall but that's twice in 3 games we have over broke after a corner. Criminal.

Outside of the goal, I am really disappointed with all these cheap free kicks Forest are buying.

Lost every game this season in which we've conceded first haven't we?

Yup, and Forest have won all 9 that they’ve scored first.

Well that's annoying. We were all over them and they score against the run of play through a goal that, let's be fair, Marshall should have saved.

Need to calm down and get our heads back in the game. Gumps looking so much more composed now they've nicked a goal.

Very good 30 mins but now we need to regroup, looking a bit panicky.

Derby need to get a grip in the second half. We've been trash since we conceded.

We were trash before we conceded but Clarkey was keeping them out.

These are poor and since the goal we’re worse.

Genuine question on the handball - where is his arm supposed to go? I don’t see it raised, I actually see it bent and it’s hit the top of his arm still close to his body. For me it’s a completely natural position and he’s entitled to slide in to block that shot.

I don’t mind losing to forest when they are actually a good side. But we cannot lose to this dross.

One up top against a Chris Hughton side was always a mistake.

Brave save from Roos there I must say.

Not happy with James Garner scoring, hes a real maverick.

Ribeiro and Cafu embarrassing for them the way they rolled about at the slightest touch. You'd expect a bit more integrity from a Hughton side. Let's get stuck in 'em and give them something to roll about for.

Bar 10 minutes we were just the better team. Can see why these beat teams around them who have minimal attacking output, they just strangle you. I can also see why there squad of 40 isn't going to bother the top half as well as those teams create more than 2 chances a game.

Let's face it, the last 4 years of derbies have been absolute bores. Medicore championship teams battling for another year in the championship.

Crikey they have started time wasting already and they are only coming out the changing room.

Come on Derby please score, it might stop sky blowing off the dirty red dogs.

Only thing they are any good at is diving to the floor and conning the ref! Why must notts always play so dirty?

Them controlling the middle of the park like this would have been perfect for Bielik.

Would love nothing more than CKR to flatten Worrall.

Knockaert is an excellent player unfortunately.

How many dives can Knockhaert get away with?

Knockhaert is such a cheat.

Calvin Plummer

Vital Football Legend
So frustrating this. Forest look absolutely terrible but also look like winning quite comfortably.

Forest just look miles better. Really have lost it since our goal. Knockaert is running it. We can’t string anything together. Really poor.

Every Forest player working harder for the ball than we are.

Poor very poor you would of thought we would of been on the front foot from the off in the 2nd half, all to easy for Forest.

Why is this literally exactly the same game as last seasons home game. We literally can’t do anything it’s so bloody frustrating to watch.

Forest the more likely to score again here we’ve no tempo...

Every free kick or corner Worral is targeting our full backs why are we not marking him?

It's been almost four years since we turned up against Forest. Four years!

We're a disgrace tonight.

Forest are going to get another soon if we don't buck our ideas up.

Imagine your local rivals becoming your bogey team.

8 games in a row we’ve failed to beat Forest at this rate. Jeeeez.

Fair play to the forest scum bags, they are much better this year. We just need to hope for survival and to go ahead next year.

Take the set pieces out and we have as much threat as a person trying to stab some with a mushed up bananna.

KAZIMMMMMMMM. God knows we don’t deserve that, but we’ll take it!

We don't deserve it and I don't care!!!

For those saying Forest have played well, I’ll have what you’re smoking. They’re just as bloody awful, with the exception of Knockaert.

Can't believe that! Ball bounces all wrong and then sits up a peach for Colin Kazim-Richards!

Good job no VAR, officials missed the handball.

CKRs wonder goal won't hide how poor this game has been, but man what a player.

Why is the co commentator near orgasm every time they come near to scoring?

Gregory has to score.

Bloody hell, you absolute chump

Good block bird.

Fair result.

Christ we robbed that point. Phew.

Poor football from us, reflecting on it we had more and better chances. Just frustrating stuff in the middle of the park.

Wasn’t the best match. Poor performance, missed 2 glorious chances, but overall we were second best for most of that. Knockaert looked a class above. Great equaliser. A point gained considering.

Got a bit lucky.

In what way was it lucky to get a draw? We had the better chances?

As in we scored a goal out of absolutely nothing and their keeper hardly had a save to make.

Rubbish game between two rubbish teams that could’ve gone either way, take the point and move on.

I dont think they frankly did enough to win the game tbh. Goalkeeping error apart from that not really a chance i thought they should have scored.

I think they had two or three, but similarly we had two or three apart from the goal. Overall it was poor, us slightly the poorer in overall play about even on chances.

I think Knight and Gregory had absolute chances they should both score. I don't remember Forest having chances like that. They had more of the play in the second half but didn't really do anything with it.

Two headers from Knockaert and Krovinivic. Shot from Freeman. They were better than us. Sharper and more solid in defence.

Got to take that in the end. We probably didn't deserve it, but that was the way Forest always try to play. If they get the first goal, you've got an uphill battle and we gifted them that. Before the goal, we were the better side and if we managed to open the scoring ourselves, I think we'd have won. These games aren't the same without fans, there was very little passion or desire from either side, it didn't feel like a big game, well not until CKR scored that goal at least.

Obviously Stuart the Dick Pearce thought they should of won.

We dropped two points at their place, they dropped two points at ours. Oh well.

We were ****, didn’t deserve it but **** forest I’ll take it.

Think we can consider ourselves quite fortunate to get a draw there. Appreciate that we have a very young squad but we froze on the big stage yet again against these lot. Forest were awful and with a bit of composure and positivity we would’ve won easily.

We should have scored 3 or 4. They should have scored 2 or 3. We pissed about with the ball. They didn’t. Fair result.

Is Worrall on drugs? "We had so many chances...

He looks like an orc.

If we could sign knockaert in the summer col would get 20 goals imo.

Joe Worrall getting MOTM just sums up the quality of the match.

Worrall talking like an absolute clown.

He’s just thick, most from round my way are (I live in Bramcote).

He’s actually a really nice guy. Too nice to play for Forest scum.

Poor game. Two poor teams on the night. Draw a fair result. Worrall was correctly given MOM. Great goal from Kazim.

We were too safe, negative and sloppy tonight. Great strike from Kazim. Should've had a penalty, Cafu could've been sent off, numerous yellow cards should've been given (for both sides), Lyle Taylor is a player you'd want to snap in half if you played against him, how times did he swing his arms into one out players faces?

Yes, we looked comfortable for the first half hour. Yes, their goal was crap. Yes they absolutely played the second half to perfection... right up to the point where King Colin saved our bacon... and then we had more than enough chances to absolutely steal it! Talk about a topsy turvy game... but at no point was it a classic.

Quite impressed with Forest in a way, you can see Hughton's influence. They were well organised, stubborn and controlled the game from 30 mins. Turned our attacking outlet (Byrne & Bucc) into our weakness by dropping balls in behind them, worked pretty well too. They'll be aggrieved to lose that but theres always a danger when you've got a slender lead. Should have learned that from last year!

I really don't understand people calling this an ''undeserved'' point. We had the better chances and we gifted them a goal. They had more possession which they did nothing with. If anything, we should have won that game.

To be fair I would be screaming right now for handball if notts had scored the same goal against us.

Just been banned from the forest forum forever. All I said was rhe first goal was soft and hughton parked the bus. No profanity and ended up saying that 1-1 was pretty fair / nob heads!!

Forest look half decent when you let them, but also a bit cocky when I’m not sure they’ve earned it within the game. It was that mentality that kind of helped us get back in it. Hughton also made an error bringing Taylor on who did absolutely sweet F A. Meant the ball never stayed in our half.

Crap first half. Fumble from the keeper gifts them a goal. Second half they massively stepped it up and were the better side by far. Just grateful to CKR for rescuing us a point.

God this Sky narrative that Forest played well is boring isn’t it? Knocakert does a few pointless step overs and they’re acting like we’re seeing the second coming of Maradona.

Definitely take that point. We edged the first half but we’re behind, they outplayed us in the second half and we grabbed an equaliser. Overall they were better but payback for when we were robbed earlier in the season.

We’re a mid table team at best, Forest are a top 6 squad massively under performing. Knockaert Krovinovic Garner Freeman Worrall, Samba, Ameobi and Lolley on the bench. Grabban injured. I honestly don’t know how they can afford those wages in a pandemic. Knockaert showed his £40k per week class tonight. Of the two they’re the ones that look more likely to be contenders next season if they keep their loan players. Think we’re further away, we’re relying on our young players improving.

Disappointing. Very lucky to get the draw, we didn’t deserve anything out of that match. Performance was downright pathetic frankly, this is a local Derby, one of the biggest games of the season with all the pride riding on it, and we didn’t look up for the fight at all. A weak showing, lacking in any sort of energy, effort and desire - for the umpteenth time in a row against Forest. Why can’t we get up for these matches anymore?! This run is getting embarrassing.

Sky are obsessed with talking about individuals rather than a club because they think that’s where the story is. Since Hughton took over they have few interest stories behind Knockaert and Worrell so they take up most of the story. So Knockaert takes up more space than what’s probably deserved. As I said earlier he was probably the best footballer on the pitch tonight, but you also saw why he’s not made it to the next level.

First half we had much of the ball but would disagree with Rooney's assessment of the first 30 mins as 'excellent'. Forest like to sit back as pick teams off & so it stood to reason we'd have a lot of possession. Unfortunately we played right into their hands by moving it slowly & sideways - lost count of the amount of times a reasonably straightforward forward pass was turned down just to roll it backwards.

Second half we looked a mixture of ponderous on the ball & chaotic in defence - Forest really should have scored a second & cut down our flanks time & time again. Knockaert was in the mood & Buchanan had another torrid Friday night on the telly. We did look better in fairness once Sibley & Gregory came on - Kazim had very little assistance until they turned up & started bringing some energy to the attacking effort.

It was such a weird game, there were lots of chances for both sides but they all came in small periods, but for long periods Forest really had us under the cosh without creating much that was really clear cut. First 30 we were on top but not quite as good as Forest were in the first 30 of the second half. Defensively we look really tired. Our whole back four needs a break but that isn’t coming any time soon. Not our best performance especially defensively, but I’ll take a draw. Both goals came against the run of play, shows just how this league is.

Pope John XXIII

Vital Football Legend
Interesting not many admitted that Kazim-Richards handballed. With VAR that would be ruled out. I also don't see how the Ribs "handball" was one. His arm was in by his side.
I agree.

How is that not a "natural position" for someone making a perfectly legal sliding block?

That means nothing though; the current rules of the game probably would give the penalty under VAR, because the rules of the game right now are utterly rancid.

Every football fan in the world knows that, for the integrity of the game, that shouldn't be given; even though it probably would be.

It's better for the game for Kazim-Richards' goal to count as well


Vital Champions League
They did steal a point but somehow cant be downhearted after owning them for much of the game. We do need to be more ruthless tho as that will see draws turn into wins.

Thought they look decent going forwards but look miles away from doing any challenging, we were so focussed on parking the bus we never got out of 2nd gear. I can see them.getting a hammering from bigger teams.


Vital Football Hero
Cheers CP, some pretty balanced comments from the inbreds amongst the dross.

Two average Championship sides battling out the draw that was probably the right result in the end.


Vital 1st Team Regular
I think it does bother a lot of fans. If it genuinely doesn't then they should just shut up about it as it really does give the sheep a sense of getting to us