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Dead Pool 2020


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Very sad. Appropriate, that on the recent 75th anniversary of VE day (8th May) her songs were in the charts again. My gran was born on 8th May and every birthday she played Vera Lynn songs right up until her death in 1983. RIP


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RIP Ennio Morricone.

The Danish National Symphony Orchestra is magnifico:

Some very nice looking sheilas performing too. Hands off Bear, especially the lady holding the baton. :clown:
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I remember a Match of the Day highlight where they were interviewing 'wor Jackie' post match in the dugout out. It was windy, dark and wet and as the interview started the wind blew the lighting rig off its stand and plunged Motson and Charlton into darkness. All you then heard was Big Jack say "Well that's f**ked it"

Legend RIP