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I'm catching up on a bit of 8 Out of 10 Cats at the moment and I've just watched an episode with Danny Dyer. As you'd expect from an 'arrd man like him, rather than being funny he was the butt of most of the jokes.

As a soft middle class poncy, I've got no time for Danny Dyer but what do you think? Perhaps if you are a fan of Danny Dyer, you'll find this easier to understand:

Wight, les 'ave it pwoper on Danny farking Dyer. See, I reckon 'ees putting it on. Ee ain't no pwoper geezah, ee's a stage school kid.


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I`ve seen that film.
He was a right prick in it.Mind you,they all were.Not their fault I suppose.They`re given the roles and told what to say and do.
If he was told to act like a stereo typical cockney wide boy hooligan tosspot,then I`d say he did a good job.
I think i saw him in something else about football hooligans aswell.
I`ve never seen him as himself,so I can`t judge him as a person.
Get him on the Jonathan Woss Show and I`ll let you know my verdict.


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No he's a cockney dancer and according to wiki was discovered as a 16 year old at secondary school and won apart in Prime Suspect3. He is a chod though lol

The Fear

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No idea if he is proper cockney or not. But I do avoid anything he is in. He was awful on 8 out of 10 cats!


One Bloody Number
I fcuking hate Danny Dyer with a passion. Definitely in the top 5 of my 'Celebrities I would like to kill' list. Absolute fake horrible talentless tw4t who has somehow made a good living for himself. He's no better than Kerry katona or Jordan!
Agree with all above.

Mark Kermode the film critic absolutely slaughtered one of his films and Dyer rang up threatening all kinds of harm to him , made a right prat of himself.


The Fear

A Wise Man (once sat next to him)
To be fair, he's made a lot out of a zero talent. But he does seem to make a total pillock of himself when he goes on these quiz shows. As said above, he is the butt of the jokes and doesn't seem to realise it.


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I met some DLF lads at an England away game a few years ago and they said when he went to film his football hooliganism show up there, they got him to the back of a boozer and blocked off the camera/production team. They sat him at table and could tell he was half bricking it but putting on a brave face, not only was he totting but he apparently did two massive lines of coke and was off his face, they had to wait hours before they could continue filming.


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He was on Celebrity Juice recently and was happy to laugh at himself, and have the piss taken out of him. Thought he seemed like a decent enough bloke.