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Reckon Benitez had wage bill up to equivalent of £97m pa and couldn't shift them, hence no signings. That equates to 50 players on £40,000 per week. Sounds plausible do we think.


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Might be true.

There will be other staff considerations than players themselves - while some will be buttons, tea-boy etc, you've got the youth set-up, plus coaches, medical staff, scouting staff etc etc.
Almost £2m a week does seem a lot though.
Most of those support posts would've been outside benitez's remit though. The article is a hatchet job and available accounts and common sense suggest it's extremely unlikely there's been a 50% increase since the last accounts were published bearing in mind the departure of some very high earners


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Maybe bonuses payable through getting promotion, plus wage hikes for getting back into the top flight may add up?
£1.9m a-week. Feasible, all considered; if high.