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Cycling Helmet?

The Fear

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Any cyclers out there?

Just been discussing in the interesting thread I have a new hybrid bike

Had a mountain bike before but as I only do on road riding now there was no need for it, so gave it to my brother (also, wasn't fit enough for 15 months to cycle anyway) but it was hard work on the road, the hybrid should be much easier for that use.

I digress.

If you cycle, do you always were a helmet?

I know you are meant to but half my head is uncomfortably numb and helmets etc just feel horrible on it.

Do you think it is a must or just the modern world being over protective?


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should be compulsory, as if i have to wear one on a motorbike why shouldnt a cyclist? or and pay road tax, insurance and have their cycle tested to be safe on the roads.


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They should be compulsory - yes it's the riders life and they can do what they want with it BUT it is the NHS that ends up forking out more caring for avoidable injuries or it's the difference between someone living the guilt of killing somebody (whether it was their fault or not) for the rest of their lives.

In fact anyone in an accident who was not wearing a cycling/crash helmet, seatbelt etc... should be refused treatment.


badge73 - 21/8/2013 15:15

should be compulsory, as if i have to wear one on a motorbike why shouldnt a cyclist?
LOL maybe because they aren't thundering around at a 100mph.


No sorry badge I missed the link, suppose no matter how careful people are there will always be some clueless clown behind the wheel.


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There was some research done a few years ago that claimed that drivers tend to drive closer to cyclists who wear a helmet as the level of danger seems less to them. Thus, helmets can actually increase the chances of an accident. Seems plausible somehow, but I would still recommend the helmet. Can't be bothered to dig the link out to the research, but it was by some guy called Adrian Walker (not the most apt name for a researcher on this topic).


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A bloke I went to school with he has a 16 year old son called Ryan. Mark, the Dad, always told him wear his helmet. Ryan would laugh and say no as it would mess up his hair. Five weeks ago Ryan was cycling to work and was knocked off his bike. He suffered brain damage and has been in a coma ever since. The family are in pieces and his Dad being a paramedic knows the outlook isn't good but he's not giving up hope. Spoken to him a few times and its heartbreaking.

If you don't wear a helmet you're a fool


The Fear

A Wise Man (once sat next to him)

Skeggy just called me a fool.


My problem is it actually hurts to put one on, so will make me not want to cycle at all. Decisions decisions!

The Fear

A Wise Man (once sat next to him)
But I haven't said it is a hassle mate, I've asked a genuine question because the helmets (any hat when my head is at its worst) are extremely uncomfortable to wear.

It is an awful story, there will be others, but I wouldn't be surprised if there are stories just as bad for those who had got protection.

I will go and look again today, see if there is anything with some decent padding.