Curtis signs on


Vital Reserves Team
Morecambe signed their first player today and that was Adam Campbell! KN talked about hopefully having a couple of gems in amongst the targets he's hoping to bring in. I think there should be some movement between now and the end I next week.

As for Curtis, he'll do a job when called upon but I agree that he should be back up if we're really wanting to push on.


Vital Newbie
Delighted Curtis has signed up. Last season he went backwards, largely due to missing pre season and never being fit.
A well coached Curtis Thompson with a specific job to do in centre mid is a good player to have in the squad. 100% trier and I think he has a fair bit of talent to go with it. His main problems are a lack of pace and he's not the tallest.
Moniz saw fit to make him captain two seasons ago, really hope he can move forwards this season.