Crystal Palace.


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Bilic next I reckon, if they lose today.

Talking of losers, where is CM these days? Thrown a sickie on here now his team get a weekly bumming?


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Every bit as much as a circus as our club.

Thank fuck Benitez stayed (for now) and has given us some semblance of stability - something badly missing since tubby bought the place.


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billybobcat - 12/9/2017 20:34

The fuckers never learn they pick the same managers time and time again, even though they are serial failures.

Words of wisdom from billysnobrot again.

His remit is to save CPFC from relegation, when did he last fail as a club manager?


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Decent, steady appointment.

I would think some players are fed up with the instability there though. Roy should be able to solve that, if the chairman will let him.