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Crystal Palace FC vs. Tottenham Hotspur

Well we are off to see Rockin' Roy Hodgson who recently trashed the post game interviewer who was being a complete jackass.

Great video if you haven't seen it.

Anyway, Palace are WLDDL over their last 5 and are only one point off the relegation zone. It ain't gonna be easy.


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These are the big tests in the Prem. It's OK for our 1st eleven to get up for Utd, Liverpool, Arsenal and Juve. Let's see if they are also up for Palace away knowing that if we get 3 points then immediately after our game it's Utd vs Chelsea.

As for the line-up, I'm thinking it will be Lloris; Trippier, Sanchez, Vertonghen, Davies; Dier, Dembele; Lamela, Eriksen, Dele; Kane.

I have a feeling that Trippier will get the nod over Aurier, whilst Lamela will be in ahead of both Son and Moura. I'm not thinking that Poch has seen enough from Toby, Wanyama or Rose to rest other players or change to a back 3 and wing backs.

Taricco the yid

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They have no zaha. They havent won a game this season without him. They have so many injuries.

I dont want to see posts how we may get beat, banana skin etc.

Palace will get murdered easily.
I have never predicted we will get beaten , ever .
It just isn't in my Spurs head .
I can't understand how people can think we will get beat even when we KNOW we will get beat !
We are going to give Roy's Boys a 3-0 tonking.
Harry two and Moura
Eriksen. Mom


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Tough game but we should have too much for them, I'd rather be playing these games now than in 5-10 games time when they REALLY need the points. At the moment this is still just a bonus game for them.

Lloris, Trippier, Sanchez, Jan, Davies, Dier, Dembele, Eriksen, Lamela, Moura, Kane

1-3. Kane 2, Lamela

total spurs

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Well..... here's the voice of concern, I am concerned that whoever plays will also think we will win, I am concerned that Palace are due a win without zaha.....

Who would I put money on without a doubt.

Who do I think will if we treat them as utd or Arse or similar.

Do I think it's inevitable we will win...... absolutely not, far far far too many ' we will win' games have come and gone with egg on our faces, after it goes tits up.

I think we have the team to beat any PL team home or away, but only when we are totally on our game..... it's games like this where history shows we can feck it up, if both Poch and the players are totally focussed on winning....we will. If 2/3/4 players just assume come what may we will win...... then we might not.

The way I see it is 2nd is very much up for grabs, as is FA cup AND the quarters of the CL.....we can most certainly achieve that, but we have to believe, want and go for it, play any game like we did in the first game v Newport or against Rochdale plus numerous other PL games and come the end of the season we will do as we normally do look back and think if only......


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I’m a bit concerned that most of the team may be a little rusty not having played since the Juve game. We saw against Rochdale how rustiness can affect players :9: . Difficult place to go Selhurst Park and their fans are amazing at keeping a constant barrage of noise going. On paper, should win but we are Spurs after all and we nearly always spurn the opportunity to put pressure on other league rivals when we have the chance :3:

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Townsend will be up for it but we should win of course. Roy I would expect to defend as a priority so it may be frustrating. I might go for Rose for extra attacking threat to open them up. Could start with Moura again with Lamela in reserve.


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If our first 11 walk out and WANT the win, then this game should be a walk in the park. You can never write off a team who are relegation fodder, but if we lose or draw this then we don't deserve top 4. Simple as that. I think Muttley has the line up right.


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Would love an early goal in this one so I can sit back and relax a bit!

On paper it's ours 0-4 but will prob be a nervy, nail biting 0-1 to us


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CP was causing us all sorts of problems last time around in November. Roy parked the bus and their counters nearly cost us the win.
Zaha was a handful in that game, but he's out for this one, right?
Then it's all about the bus that Roy without doubt is going to park again. Sounds like a game where Lucas should start as he can beat a man one on one.
I'll go for speed and high line on the fullbacks.

Sanchez - Dier - Verts
Aurier Rose
Moura - Eriksen - Dele

Hopefully the wheels come off Roy's bus fast and swiftly this time and we can resting players like Dembo, Verts and Kane early.
I personally don't think Moura will be starting in this one. Poch never throws the new signings in to the deep end in the PL, despite Lucas having started v Rochdale. It's a game we need to win for obvious reasons and I think Poch will go with the 'usual' starting 11, namely, Hugo, Tripp, Sanchez, Vert, Davies, Dier, Dembele, Eriksen, Alli, Son and Kane. We should have plenty options from the bench. Important to start with the right mindset, with intensity. Winning at half time and bring on Moura + Lamela. 2-0 Spurs. Harry + Dele. COYS!


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Moura will make the bench, and Toby has tweeked his hammy.


[Vorm, Lamela, Lucas, Victor, Winks, Aurier, Llorente]

Spurs 4 Eagles 0
(Kane, Dier, Eriksen, Lucas)





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xvausch - 24/2/2018 00:07

Moura will make the bench, and Toby has tweeked his hammy.


[Vorm, Lamela, Lucas, Victor, Winks, Aurier, Llorente]

Spurs 4 Eagles 0
(Kane, Dier, Eriksen, Lucas)

Poch will never leave ****joko out of the squad...




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Simply must win game for me. Cannot see West Ham getting anything at Anfield so we need the win to simply keep up the pace.
Man Utd, Chelsea or both are going to drop points tomorrow and we need to ensure we do our bit to put pressure on both of them.

Palace are down to bare bones with 12 injured players.
We will be too strong for them. We have to ne surely!!
We must pressure the from the 1st minute.


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Contrary to popular opinion I think this will be a real test of character and will show whether we have learned lessons and really grown mentally as a team. I would be watching from behind the sofa if I had one. Good luck to the lads today and hopefully you can stay away from their new Charlie Adam in MF and avoid injury.


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Nothing short of a win would do.

By the time we go to Stamford Bridge we should be well in the top 4, leaving the Chavs and Arse well behind.