Crossroads Fast Approaching For Dele Alli?


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Dele Alli fast approaching a crossroads

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What happened after the game ?
The diving ain't helping anyone , it's embarrassing to the club and the fans . He ain't even good at it !
Needs more work on the training ground ! :22: !!!

He needs an arm round the shoulder and a boot up the arse
All in my humble opinion

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His latest dive was half hearted, he didn't press for a decision. He was anticipating contact, just got it wrong. Knowing how strong Kane is....did he need to go down with a slight brush from the keeper. There was contact and it was a pen but it was embellished.

Take the edge out of Alli and he will be shackled. He has always gone in hard. Hopefully he keeps his head. I have noticed he tends to walk away from confrontations more now.


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Simply put - dude still has not grown the freck up!!

He has probably one the best players imaginable to try to emulate sitting right next to him...Kane...and he simply isn't.

I hope he fixes his **** and moves on, or he will become a serious liability to us.


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HAHAHAAAAAAHAHAHAA!! Is that really him? Looks quite a bit younger than he is now.

And here I thought it was something actually scandalous. Not just unfortunately stupid.

Never will I get why people insist on filming or photoing stuff like this on cloud susceptible devices. Just dum.

As far as his play on the field, he is still super young, and he has to rid himself of that bit of petulance. I expect he will improve this part of his nature as he does with his whole self over time.

And, if he always stayed exactly the same as he is now? I'd be happy to have him at Spurs for the next decade and cheer him on the whole way.

Poch has said he is not worried about the ALLEGED diving from Alli Says you have to be clever to outwit your opponent and he ain't clever enough yet.
As I said , he needs to spend more time on it in the training ground !!
Problem is , he is a marked man now in the eyes of opponents and refs so not matter how bad the foul is we are unlikely to get the pen.
Not sure how he gets past that problem , maybe it's down to the refs to book EVERY perceived dive in GAME .