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Cricket Thread - England v West Indies

Red Wimp

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Classic on commentary. Been reading out how people have been getting on in 1st day of club cricket. Athers just read out that Hugh Jardon took 6-9 for Cockermouth in all seriousness.
Rest of commentary team helpless with laughter


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Wonderful to see a competitive West Indies Test side again. They fully deserve to win.
Absolutely spot on about it is great to see a competitive WI side again. They have a unique style and have brought so much to the history of the game in terms of their players. Their fans are superb and as a complete stranger I was lucky to be accidentally adopted by The Triniposse for a one day game in St. Lucia v New Zealand; having a day at the cricket I doubt will be matched.

As for deserving to win this match; they have played very well so far and if indeed they go onto win the game it will be deserved. Then again if England bowl and field superbly as they will have to, then they will have deserved to win an excellent game of cricket.

bbh 11

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Winviz had England to win at 59% at the start of the innings, which I thought should of been West Indies at that. Either way a good last innings entertainment should ensue.


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27-3, Windies have just lost Hope, still a way to go with this one though England now have the momentum.

In test cricket, the team which wins usually deserves to win by virtue of being the better team and it's the ebb and flow of closely contested matches which makes it so compelling.

bbh 11

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Disappointing result in the cricket, but great to see Lando Norris go from 8th to 5th on the last lap of the formula 1 Grand Prix today.