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Cricket Thread - England v West Indies


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....and off again for rain, at least we've equalised, 1-1.

Nice comment on BBC about England's batsmen socially distancing bats from balls.

Plus ca change indeed.


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Ah I was wondering why after the garden was looking like a desert for the past few weeks it has suddenly been washed from the skies for the past couple of has started...should have known


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Has anyone noticed we are using English umpires as opposed to neutral ones.I imagine this is due to Covid as opposed to a change in policy.


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Less than 200 almost inevitable now. Won't know the relevance until Windies have batted though. There is a chance that their batsmen are going to be undercooked in bowler friendly conditions. All to play for.


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This has gone a bit quiet...

114 runs behind on first innings, 14 overs tonight to build the foundation of a good second innings score, what could possibly go wrong?

Sounds like a 30-3 scenario with a night watchman in residence.