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Cricket - Test Squad

Any other cricket fans on here?

Test team for the first Sri Lanka test is due to be announced shortly, who should open with Cook? Which spinner should play?

Quite looking forward to the test cricket coming soon off the back of the football season ending in success!


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Personally I don't rate Hales as test player and don't see much future for him in this form of the game. That said I'm sure he'll be selected again and given another chance. Sam Robson is back in form and says he worked on some technical aspects of his game so I wouldn't be against having another look at him as opener. I'd also give Vince a run in the team in the middle order. Ali will play as the spinner instead of rashid. Should be a comfortable series win for engkand this, Sri Lanka have lost too many good players recently. The Pakistan series should be closer but again I feel it will be a relatively easy series victory.


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there you go gazlatic. how to derale a thred by thorp and one of his his alter egos rambarrow. point proven me thinks.

i do like the cricket and if im off then ill give it a watch. dont have the same level of nowlege about it as you and whittle mite have but its stil good to watch. like the 20 20 when its on an all. the only prob ive got with the selecters is that they dont think anyone pleys cricket north of watford. its alweys the southern teems that seem to get the lions share of places.


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Thorpyness - 11/5/2016 16:17

Moonay likes his cricket..
In the words of Eric Stewart ....... I don't like cricket ....... I love it.

That said, I rarely follow it on TV nowadays. I don't have Sky - that's what pubs & clubs are for - so if I'm honest, I don't really have a clue who should be doing what.

I see Lancs have had a good start to the season - 1 point behind the enemy with a game in hand. Let's hope none of our players get quite good enough to be considered for the national team !

Now Thorpy .......WTF !
I think Kegs could be in with a shout by the end of the summer if he maintains form! Liked the look of Vince for Hants, might be a shout for the squad.

Terribly sad news about Cozier, he had such a melodic voice that has almost lulled me to sleep on many an occasion while listening to TMS! Sadly many of the great characters of cricket commentary are getting on a bit now.


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There have been some sad losses in the cricket commentating world in the last few years, both radio and TV. Cozier did both superbly well and will be missed along with such names as Christopher Martin Jenkins, Tony Gregg and of course the godfather Richie Benaud. That would be one heck of a commentary team.

In relation to the squad I note the only surprise inclusion is the fast bowler Ball who will no doubt be carrying drinks. Big series for Hales because I just don't see his qualities as a red ball cricketer and if he fails in this series I can see yet another opener for the Pakistan series and it must give a great incentive for all openers knowing there is a potential spot up for grabs.
To be fair, when Wood burst onto the scene he wasn't expected to do much. England just need to be careful that they don't destroy young players like the did with Kerrigan.