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#2 the mail, quite funny really as he “urges pools players to make club more saleable”.

Not sure how they will do this, maybe by leaving? With three points from a possible thirty
which investor would want to take over a bunch of ‘players’ who aren’t strong enough, mentally or physically, to shake off their losing mentality, are in a terminal tailspin and don’t have the wherewithal to get themselves, never mind their colleagues, out of it.

Not sure the manager himself would still be here if we had a pot to p”ss in.

The financial black hole will [eventually] envelop the club and the only way we will attract any investment will be as the “Phoenix” club constantly referred to.

We’re not only hamstrung by the current financial situation, the players and manager have proven they aren’t good enough for this level and are demonstrating on a game by game basis they aren’t good enough for where we’re heading, once administration and then liquidation become reality.

Which self respecting entrepreneur would deliberately make themselves the only one legged man in an ar#e kicking contest?