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Globally the worst is definitely to come because the infection rate is soaring.

Virus-wise, the worst is very likely to be over in our countries. Not many models are predicting a second peak to be bigger than the first.
Financially, it is a different story, of course..

We need to build back better. The time is now.
A week ago I thought that Oz had it licked. There's no doubt now that Victoria, Melbourne in particular, is in serious trouble with a very big spike, I don't know whether it's a new session or the old one just having a last hurrah, but in any case it's put everything back to basics and probably worse.

mao tse tung

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How about just getting real? Pubs make their living from selling a mind altering substance. They simply cannot open if the number one priority is to contain an infectious desease. Common sense.
A rather interesting fact that you will be dying to know: my local is known affectionately as the Flying Bar Stool - I have no idea why, presumably it used to be frequented by Ze Germans.

There is certainly no trouble in there nowadays; I'm not sure if they have different clientele or its the fact that the place is now owned by a Cage Fighter

Old Red Fart

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Melbourne does seem pretty strange
Yes, that too. In fact Melbourne is giving us a hell of a problem now, another big load of infection down there yesterday and many of them not traced. Also another bogup at Sydney airport last night when a full plane from Melbourne was allowed through and none of the passengers checked for Covid resulting in today being used to try and trace them. So far being only partly successful. We are in a very expensive mess and no sign of a result yet. It's not just you lot.
And the really annoying thing is that we appeared to be on top of the problem.

Obviously not !

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So government are now looking at people wearing masks in shops after months of people not doing that.
More reason for me to not bother going in shops anymore.

Got used to spending virtually no money and saving loads. That's only going to continue the more they make going in shops a vile experience.

Another boost to the Amazon monolith

Old Red Fart

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It looks as though we're still in trouble in Melbourne although the council towers have been released except for one. It turns out that a number of foreign languages and dialects are spoken in that one which might go some way to explaining how things have turned out. At the last count there were over 50 positive cases in that building.
This is turning out to be a very expensive business and coupled with the downturn in the economy and shortage of jobs coming up will require a lot of time and patience.
I hope we've got it.