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He's closed the gap from 24 points to 4 points in 8 weeks

This is the polling he inherited;

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The narrowing of the gap comes despite the "crisis bonus" enjoyed by the government (not everyone agrees they are managing it badly, not by a long shot) and the sympathy support for Johnson having been in ICU
He's closed the gap in the LAST WEEK but that's obviously all down to his brilliant leadership and nothing at all to do with Cummings, Bozo and CV. Below are the YouGov figures

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So Word down here is Cummings was seen on a river path & his parents cottage doesn’t pay council tax (which is something you can go to prison for) & has no planning permission, meaning it should be taken down.
Well, I fully expect to see his second home demolished and him locked up forthwith.

No doubt the establishment will keep the building firmly erect and HIM out of jail.


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This is exactly why those regular drives to Barnard Castle, to ensure your eyesight is functioning correctly, is so important; once your eyesight is fine there is little chance of missing details like applying for planning permission or registering for Council Tax ....oh!

Or is that just for the little people?


I see the media he was so keen to say were attacking him are so far not picking up on this.


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The reason they're easing lock down is because there's capacity in our hospitals.
Not because Covid19 isn't now as dangerous as before.
This is herd immunity. Maybe there no other way because they know something that we don't.

Tories have been useless getting their message across from the very start. Was this on purpose? Or they just don't care and have no idea?

da fuq

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It's scary but people actually believe that drivel, and that's what has given us this shocking government.

Even the red Red and Yellow Tories believe a lot of it too

The brain damage the media has inflicted on this country is ridiculous

Its sooo easy to do

Just look at Brexit

4 decades of cultivating a distrust of Europeans especially the Germans

Then 6 years ago ramp it up to anti EU sentiment and bam


Job done