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Coventry into admin


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What a disaster, one of the midlands clubs in a right mess. What the hell has been going on ? £60m in debt. Since they moved from Highfield Road everything has gone pear shaped. At least when they were at the old ground they owned it, now they don't even have a ground. Someone has made a few ££££s out of this, its the supporters I feel sorry for, they pay their money and haven't a clue whats going on, just like us at Villa Park.
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Should be in open terrace but this will do. Will prob move there at some stage Lord Ron.

Disgraceful the way fans of clubs are going through this crap. Not fair on them at all. Some have been shambolic, this lot are woeful, but ones like Stockport County have been even worse. From Championship to non league and they are still being screwed over.

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It's such a pity because they were knocking on the door of the play-offs, but now, with the points penalty, no chance. And now having to play their last (home) games at Walsall...... it's a shame for their suffering supporters.

It would of made more sense if they played their last fe home games at Nuneaton Borough............