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Before taking the moral high ground what would you have done.

Basically sacked by text by your manager at season end.

Hawked around any club for £60m.

Nobody going to pay that??

They took the piss out of him, he takes it back.

Gets the move he wants, at less money than club wanted.

Think he did right thing....


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What, gets paid a fortune, bangs on about being a slave. Fucks off home, won't come back to the club paying him said fortune.

That's ok?

*you have to ask WHY he was told he wasn't wanted via text; before you question the fact. Maybe he made himself unreachable? Maybe he'd already done something? He's a grade 'A' ****, which might be the reason why such action was taken. It's no good describing a symptom, without the cause. That's like aiming a fire extinguisher at the top of the flame.


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Quite ironing saying this stuff about him when most people think the same about you.

It’s a shame that the Newcastle United employee didn’t just lob the fire extinguisher off your head, let alone the top of the flame. I bet they were bored shitless, you lying dullard.


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I would sign him tomorrow CF, he is everything we need, bit of edge, a great player and great finisher, and I am sure Chelsea did not pay him, whilst he stayed away.

Plenty of Newcastle players have done exactly the same in the past, to get a move.


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Sorry but I think he is a **** for going on strike just to get a move. I hope Chelsea sue the **** for the time he wouldn't come back when he was told to do.

Regardless what was said to him from Chelsea he still had a contract, you can't just throw you're fucking toys out the pram just because you can't get the move you wanted.