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What can you say without getting into trouble?
Unfortunately he has loons that hail him and follow his lunacy.
I know what I would do with a dangerous man like that. And it would cost pennies!
When it comes to this cockwomble, libel wise, everyone is safe unless you accuse him of serious crimes without proof. Otherwise, I doubt any judge on the planet would struggle to believe that it was honest comment because he really is a fucknugget of the highest order.

I posted that over an hour ago - I'm still remembering breach of TFL rules for travel/breaching conditions of ticket, criminal damage, theft, wilful destruction of property, breach of public health.

Pennies - syringe with an air bubble would be even cheaper.


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I think Dr Hillary has now lost the plot.
First he told people to wear a mask when swimming in the sea?
Now when giving CPR you cover the person's face (who won't be breathing) with a towel?
From a doctor that was caught in a shop not wearing a mask. Hahahaha. Jesus. This is like a comedy show.
Don't get me wrong, I'm all for rules and safety. But this is ridiculous.


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The total number of coronavirus vaccinations now given in the UK is 73,766,593.

That's 42,679,268 first doses and 31,087,325 second doses.

As of yesterday.

The younger push is working as yesterday (second day running) also saw more first jabs delivered than second apparently.

The Fear

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Meanwhile, people in England who have had both jabs and who come into contact with someone infected with the virus could be spared having to isolate for 10 days if trials prove the idea is effective.

Government sources have told the BBC the trials are examining whether it might be possible to scrap the quarantine period and instead allow double-vaccinated people to take daily tests.

If the test, done each morning, is negative the individual would not have to quarantine that day. The trials are not expected to be completed until later in the summer.