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Close calls.


Has a high horse
One of my work colleagues was in Thailand on holiday with his 3 young kids, having a great time, walking down to the beach, youngest child in a pushchair.
Then the Tsunami struck.
They were totally overwhelmed, he was carried off with the wave but managed to grab hold of either a lamppost or some sort of road signs but the water had knocked the pushchair from his hands. His wife and the other 2 children were saved by someone else, Markus thrust his hand into the water and grabbed the pushchair and hauled it out of the water , thankfully the child survived too.
Horrific scene.



Vital Football Legend
I knew a guy who used to work in the Irish embassy here. He was a good laugh, a very outgoing guy. Anyway, they don't have an embassy in Thailand so he had to go up and scour the beaches trying to identify bloated, rotting bodies from pictures.

He ended up going home with post traumatic stress disorder. It ruined his life.

I was planning on going to Phuket that Christmas for a holiday but didn't have any money so I ended up hanging around at home. Sometimes it's good to be skint.


Vital Football Legend
Once I was playing Netball at school (we had to as part of mixed PE) and this girl (who was absolutely fit as a fiddle to be fair to her) gobbed it and was heading for the tarmac, face first. Quick as a flash I grabbed the straps of her PE vest and hauled her back to safety. If I hadnt she would've almost definately been brown bread, or at least left brain damaged.

I was half expecting a pride of britain award, or at least one of Esther's Hearts of Gold.
I got a thankyou, which will do for me. All part of the service.

The Fear

A Wise Man (once sat next to him)
I had a wasp land on me once. It didn't actually sting me but it could have and we both knew it.

Phew... got out of that barely with my life.



Vital Reserves Team
I was once surrounded by fat angry bees as they swarmed out of the jungle, whizzing past my head. My mate had to pull me to the deck: "They're f*cking bullets, dick-head". Two blokes near me got quite badly 'stung'. Little bit of wee came out...


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Serious post,

Anyone at Swindon 1988 knows how much of a close call that was. We were lucky to be alive that day, and exactly a year later , when Hillsborough did happen, you just thought "that could have been us"