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Clement...gone again.


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Some people are born to lead and he doesn’t seem to be one of them. Good coach apparently but with Reading getting rid today he never seems to manage more than six months as the man at the top.
Doubt he’ll manage again in the top two divisions...something wrong somewhere, but I suppose that’s three nice pay offs for being...not very good.


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Never had it in him to manage. He has been given so many opportunities at the top level in management and blown the lot. He is at best a decent coach and there he should return to one of his former bosses, who could carry him. In management, there is no one to hide behindand he has been found out........... why ever we thought he could do a decent job at Pride Park was beyond me.


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Nothing wrong with being a good #2 Adi. Fine lines and all that...good coaches don’t necessarily make good managers in the same way as good teachers don’t necessarily make good heads. The problem arises when people don’t recognise their strengths and limitations. I wouldn’t feel too sorry for him...made a fortune out of failure and now he can go back to earning another fortune out of what he’s good at.
Still think he was worth a punt by us three(?) years ago Bloomer...unknown quantity...looked like it was going to work for a while...he was doing better than FL before the wheels fell off.
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What an absolute bummer! Fancy having to go back to earning, per year, an amount most of us would need 2 to 3 decades to earn.........

I don't see him getting another Manager's role. Back to the #2 spot......... however, he probably doesn't need to work anymore......


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Little surprised by this I watched them last week on Sky at Elland Rd they were the better team for large parts of the match They played really well and had Leeds defending desperately at times They play a counter attacking very well really fast in the break Very unlucky to lose even missed a pen Whoever gets the job has some good players and rich and ambitious owners Just the job for Steve Bruce
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