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City of Culture - Hull


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Sorry to boast but this is great news at long last for a city for so long neglected and derided. Even today, our glorious Prime Minister managed to show his ignorance when he said Hull was in Humberside. Hull has been beset by mass unemployment ever since its fishing industry was consigned to total closure back in the 70s. A city whose prime industry is wiped out at a stroke is always going to go into decline. We had 5 or 6 docks suddenly become wastelands, and tens of thousands of people left without a job to go to. Generations of fisherman and dockworkers (and businesses that were a by product of the industry) who had hoped their sons would follow them into providing the UK with a vital food resource left on the scrapheap with nowhere to turn for support. Just like the mining communities in the 80's, Hull was left to rot.

To this day, the only things our remaining docks have is the North Sea Ferry service to Rotterdam and Zeebrugge, and ships carrying timber cargo or freight containers. Some of the docks have been filled in and become retail parks - hardly generating the same kind of employment opportunity and growth we once had.

Hull is a city geographically displaced as, aside from the Ferries, Hull isn't a place people pass through en route to elsewhere. For some 40 years now, Hull has had very little if any support or regeneration programme, and as a result, unemployment is higher than the national average and has been for decades. This had led to poverty and run down areas and has been a turn off for business to come and invest in the region. Anyone who has driven here to watch games at the KC will testify to the rundown state of some areas of this once proud and bustling city. But Hull has a fantastic history and it is surprising just how many famous people have come from this city of mine.

There are many great things in Hull and with the title of City Of Culture now in our grasp I hope business enterprise and growth, jobs and tourism will come our way so Hull can once again be a sparkling jewel of the North.

Just to put Cameron, journalists, tv and radio media people and others right as regards to where the city is - Hull is in East Yorkshire not Humberside. If there is one thing that really annoys folk from Hull it's when others say Hull in (North) Humberside. When the Tories changed the county boundaries back in 1974, the people in this part of the world protested and campaigned relentlessly to have our birthright and heritage returned. Boundary signs that said North Humberside were defaced and the words East Yorkshire painted on them, not just once but everytime that sign was replaced with another one. In 1996, after decades of pressure, the government finally gave in and we won our fight to have East Yorkshire recognised and reinstated. To put that into context - its like telling the folk in Wolverhampton that they were going to be merged into the boundary of Birmingham and that Wolverhampton would cease to exist - that they would be Brummies. And that's how it felt for us in 1974, (and then as a double whammy we had our fishing industry taken away from us).



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thats it's Sunday name. lol. but yes the full title is Kingston-Upon-Hull. The city was granted a royal charter a very long time ago. So it would have been Kingstown upon Hull but I think we dropped the "w" around the same time we dropped the "h" in Hull.


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Nice to read something positive and informative about Hull, but I fear the "city of culture" status is nothing more than a token gesture.