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His decision to effectively damn City following the initial CAS verdict with zero knowledge of the full findings showcased his limitations and clear bias. I have no problem with ex-players having allegiance to their old clubs but they need to provide balance in their views. He simply plays to his Anti-City audience and in doing so is pushing the agenda - they were charged so they must be guilty. His comments about Ake are effectively questioning the judgement of Pep Guardiola and the City recruitment policy.

As BD says.....there never seems to be an issue when two right footed CBs play together so why make these comments?
I imagine there are fewer left footed players than right therefore it is often going to be a case of necessity to play two right footed defenders together. Maybe Ake is seen as left sided cover for Laporte whilst the favoured pairing would be Laporte alongside a right footed central defensive partner - presumably Garcia, Stonesy and F25 are right footers. Has Otamendi left yet...hope so.