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Bad news, Kun out for 6 weeks, surgery on Friday, meniscus, according to his dad.
Bigger. Thought that might be the case - think he did it when he slipped setting up to shoot around 34mins. His standing foot slips and afterwards he was rubbing his left knee.... doesn't take much :arrghh:
We’re playing the dippers at the Etihad........which has prompted this statement from the club

In the interests of safety for our supporters and our local community, we would like to remind you that the Etihad Stadium should not be visited under any circumstances. We hope that you enjoy the return of football watching safely from your own homes. Thank you for your continued support.”
Now........whom do we think this message is intended for? 🤔


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I think it depends on the final outcome of the ban. No doubt he wants to leave an everlasting mark in my mind.
I think Pep has been given assurances by the Club that there is no case to answer, but if we are rubbed out some of our star players will have to consider their futures bearing in mind just how short a career at the top level lasts. This will also give Pep the chance not to extend with a clear conscience. What ever happens we have lived a golden age in the life of our dear football club and this season could present us with more silver ware yet. Come on City!!!
oWe also have to consider with Pep the loss of his mother only a few months ago ..........he will be grieving for some time and returning to Spain may factor in how he chooses to make that very personal journey. Whatever happens we have witnessed a fabulous period at our club, in will be eternally grateful to what he has brought to MCFC and his time with us will IMO be ranked alongside that of the Mercer-Allison era for being as memorable and transformative.

If any of the numpty ‘experts’ doubt his influence on the game in this country you only have to watch any top flight match in this country and even in lower league football and see teams playing out from the back and the keeper being more actively engaged in initiating play. 👏🏻👏🏻