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But all you’ve done is spooked Skoorb (and me!)
It did make me smile but then.........:bounce: it must be an age thing! I find myself becoming more and more superstitious as the years go by (he says, stroking his rabbit's foot) :silly:
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talkSPORT’s supercomputer's final standings

1. Manchester City

2. Liverpool

3. Tottenham Hotspur

4. Chelsea

5. Manchester United

6. Arsenal

7. Wolverhampton Wanderers

8. Watford

9. Leicester City

10. Bournemouth

11. West Ham United

12. Everton

13. Brighton and Hove Albion

14. Burnley

15. Crystal Palace

16. Southampton

17. Newcastle United

18. Cardiff City R

19. Fulham R

20. Huddersfield Town R
That will do me. We are going to win the title because we are the best team and there is no such thing as luck, stuff happens for a reason. I'd also like to win the CL and the FA Cup. And the League Cup too please, because we are the best team in all these competitions.

Even though I am riddled with Asbergers and OCD I still think superstition is a load of bollox.

But fingers crossed eh, can't be too cocky.
I just voted and the needle moved to 41% for Sergio........which make me think that the sample can’t be that huge but it’s a decent lead for our Talisman :bow:
I don’t think the dipper fans have twigged it’s there yet, Skoorb. Bet your life when they do, it’ll be Daley all the way.