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Bearing in mind Red Kev's comment about never planning on going anywhere else I feel the club could have offered him less than the extra 85k per week they will be paying him on the basis that he wouldn't want to move; family settled, gets on with the Gaffer etc Perhaps offer him a rise in line with inflation or match what the nurses get? Still it's more than the tight wad rags pay De Gea and it's a timely reminder that we're still Moneybags City - now let's go get Haaland. Happy Daze!!!
Good luck to the lad, whatever happens, but maybe the grass is not always greener. Wonder how big a cut Messi agrees to?
Barca would appear to be in dire straits, financially. I'd withdraw our offer of a new contract and watch with a limited amount of interest where he fetches up. Any games that were earmarked for him can go to Ake instead, plus one EDS graduate every 10 years is quite enough thank you very much and Fodinho has that position pretty much sewn up.
He needs to do that from a position of strength demonstrating how integral his form and role is to the team. Now would not be the ideal time to commence those negotiations IMO as he has gone somewhat backwards recently having resumed his ‘multiple touches before wandering into a cul-de-sac’ technique.


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More debt. The house of cards will tumble someday soon.👏🏻🍺
Gosford, the home of Central coast is a beautiful town, and the stadium is right on the coast close to the sea,but is not able to sustain a club and has been in finance troubles for years. The rag plan is to move to Sydney who have two sides already. We will wait and see what happens, but the current owner wants to sell.