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Raheem Sterling:

"They made it really difficult for us but we have a feeling in the dressing room that nobody wants to drop points. We know that the teams behind us are pushing hard, United were brilliant last night.

"The only records we are interested in are three points in the next game. West Ham."
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4 - Raheem Sterling has now scored the winning goal in the 84th minute or later in four different competitive matches for Manchester City this season, including the last three games in a row. Lifesaver.
Pep Guardiola on MOTD:

"It was an astonishing end to the game. It means a lot. They had 10 guys in the box, it was so complicated to attack them.

"They had chances in the first half, all the teams are better than us at set-pieces. They are stronger than us but we kept patient.

"At the end our momentum kept going, Raheem scores a fantastic goal.

"What impresses the most is the heart with which they play. What happened in the locker room was amazing. You have to enjoy these situations, you never know what will happen in the future. We want to win the league but you have to celebrate when you score in the last breath like that.

"I was telling Nathan Redmond how good he is at the end. Southampton have some super talented players, Redmond is so good one against one. But they didn't' want to play, they were time wasting from the ninth minute. I just wanted them to play."

"It was happening 50 years ago. Their striker was marking our defensive midfielder so it was 10 men behind the ball all the time.

"I believed that we could score but to be honest I thought it was over. They defended for 90 minutes, they had a really good go against Liverpool so I wasn't expecting them to play like that tonight.

"Raheem is a match-winner, I am so happy for him. He is special, it was an amazing goal. It is more than important, it is beautiful."
Mauricio Pellegrino:

"It is hard to digest but we can be proud today. We are really competitive. We couldn't hold out.

"We have to use this type of game as a reference to grow as a club and a team and we can see the future in an optimistic way. We compete in every single game.

"Until the end you can never say it is done. We were really close. My players did everything."
It is games like these that we would lose, leading and then conceding an equaliser, we would go on then to lose it big style.

Again the defence did their job only 2 on target and 6 shots all game by Southampton and had foster not been in top form it would have been a wider gap.
Many teams may have gone heads down with the equaliser, but then, Southampton decided to hold on to the draw and as JB mentioned they went in to their shell, but I have seen this time and again against good side, you try and defend you will concede more often than not.

This will not be the end of these tactics by sides hunting for points where a draw is a result and only teams at the top of the table will give it a go.
a game of Champions stature? not playing your best but still grinding out a win, even the Mercer Allison Era does not compare to this side, just fabulous is one of many way of describing City this season, I just hope it last for a few more weeks and then bucks up a bit.

He's out with a long-term knee injury but Manchester City defender Benjamin Mendy was running/hobbling down the touchline to celebrate that late Raheem Sterling winner.

The medical team will be fuming about that...
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it was a cold night, Arsenal apparently half empty still recorded a gate nearing 60,000
Yes, some offcial attendances are a joke. Rags are a prime example. 75,000 every fcking game when it's patently obvious there are loads of empty seats.

Southampton’s defense was better than most I have seen against us this season - it had clearly been coached as they worked very hard in units/groups to shield the player with the ball from making passes forward. Their organisation is creditable, their gamesmanship in tame wasting from the first whistle less so.

The comparison with the rag’s infuriating ability to secure late winners is well made and speaks volumes for the influence of our coach and the mentality that he has instilled in the squad. He really is as good as his reputation........and that grates with so many of the media it makes me smile :008: