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Christmas Songs


Villa Princess
It seems we haven't started a thread about Christmas songs yet this year so here goes....







The Fear - 13/12/2013 22:32

Don't worry Fear dude i got your back covered on this one, i just happan to find out some great end of the world predictions :4: and this one says we are all going to drown pretty much in the future from rising sea levels, thought i would cheer you up dude, merry doomsdaymass :35:



Vital Squad Member
This one's in honour of Mr. Fear.

'It's Cliched To Be Cynical At Christmas' by the wonderful Half Man Half Biscuit...




Alert Team
Rob Halford does Christmas



and lets not forget Twisted Sister!!




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I've said on here before two things get me wound up when talking about Xmas songs.

1. Fairytale of New York. - two issues with this

Now, I have been a Pogues fan since 1986 - actually went to see them the week this was released in 1987 at the NEC. However, once a year people blurt out this song and proclaim to be a fan of the Pogues, when they haven't heard one other single record they made !.

Then, when they sing it (and I bet there are a HELL of a lot on here that do this) - They sing the wrong bloody words !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

a) It is not "came in at 10 to 1" - it is "came in eighteen to one"
b) It is not "a rare old mountain tune" it is "the rare old mountain dew"

and there are many other things.

Seriously, if you are one of the above, download their other stuff, this is a classic, but they made MUCH better.

2. Another Rock and Roll Christmas

Yes, I know he is a poedophile who should be castrated with a pair of garden sheers, but it is a cracking christmas record that you do not hear anymore. Shame really.

My favourite Xmas tracks though are:-

1. Bruce Springsteen - Santa Claus is Coming to Town
2. John and Yoko - Happy Xmas
3. Wizzard - Wish it Could
4. Bing and Bowie - Little Drummer Boy
5. Band Aid - Do they know (mainly for the actual thing it represented rather than the song)

One you never hear

Kevin Bloody Wilson "Hey Santa Claus you c***"