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Chris Coffey


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I'm sure a few of our fans, especially the older ones, knows Chris Coffey. Unfortunately Chris has left us to go to the football stadium in the Sky. I don't know any details but he was diagnosed with cancer a few years ago and beat it. Maybe it's got it's sad revenge on a real Latics stalwart.

RIP Chris.


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Didn’t know him personally but know the name...if It’s the lad I’m thinking of he was a permanent fixture at Springfield Park...tall, slim lad with black hair ?
Very cruel in any event, best condolences to his friends and family.

Harry Wharton

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He was a stalwart of the Supprters Club at Springfield Park. He was at one time the Latics representative on the National Suppoerters Club association. I've know Chris for 50 years He was a staunch supporter from the Non Leage Days and never really got over the demise of the old Supporters Club at Springfield Park. Every time I saw him he was talking about opening a Supporters club at various locations around town. R.I.P Chris


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Speaking of Latics fans that passed away. I noticed on the big screen today that Rita Winstanley had died. I remember that ITV Granada Reports piece they did at her and her husband’s house when Roberto came to see them. Very very sad news, we’ve lost some proper Latics diehards over the past 12 months. RIP to one and all!


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Chris was one of my best mates years ago Top bloke came from Hindley Was a few of us in them days that went to most of the away games together either on the coach or car Top lad RIP mate
I must have known him John but just can't place the name. Was he our age, did he go to Gyle school ?

Either way God bless lad.

Come on Wigan

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I will remember Chris in the supporters club after every home game with brian, and jack arguing about the game well before we was doing it on here.

Im 50 years old they are now gone but the same grievances are still being vocailsed, with out the friendship and pint being shared.

Lets be positive and lose the one up man ship.
We all want latics to be the best they can nothing to do with im right your wrong