Chelsea's Premier League Record 95 Points Under Threat


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During the 2004/05 season Chelsea won the Premier League title after accumulating a record 95 points. But, could this point tally be under threat by Pep Guardiola's Manchester City?

MCFC - Season 2017/18

As of Friday 2 February 2018 Manchester City has played 25, drawn one against Everton and lost one v Liverpool. Current City points = 68.

Outstanding fixtures = 13

Burnley (A)
Leicester City (H)
Arsenal (A)
Chelsea (H)
Stoke City (A)
Brighton & Hove Albion (A)
Everton (A)
Manchester United (H)
Tottenham Hotspur (A)
Swansea City (H)
West Ham United (A)
Huddersfield Town (H)
Southampton (A)

Sometimes it's best not to say anything and rely on fate to take care of itself. Having said that I simply can't help myself and say, if City win all of their remaining games our total tally will be 107.

Let's be realistic?

It's highly unlikely, albeit not impossible for the lads to win their remaining fixtures. Having said that the law of averages suggest we're bound to lose or draw some. On the flip side, let's be positive and dream the dream - you never know what the gods have instore. On the other hand should we be counting our chickens - we haven't won the darn trophy yet, have we?

Tomorrow the lads travel to Turf Moor, not an easy place to get anything. For instance, our last Premier League game at Burnley was in November 2016 when we won 1-2. The previous match was a year earlier when City lost 1-0.

Could / should we dream the dream?

Why not!

Come on CITY!

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you probably have and I am trying not to speak about records, just in case it turns to rat shit, we are on 68 needing 28 points from 13 games (max 39pts) lets look at it again with say 6 games to go.

We still have some big games to play and players fromk other Clubs are dropping our stars and laughing that it only means a yellow, we cannot afford to lose more players to viscious career threatening tackles because we would not make the mid 80s never mind the upper 90s in points.

If you jinx us Tudor, I shall come looking for you.