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Chelsea 0 City 1 Stats Link & Post Match Reaction & Debate Thread


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FT: Chelsea 0-1 Man City

Antonio Rudiger lies on the ground.

Cesc Fabregas and Pedro shake hands with Pep Guardiola. Thibaut Courtois exchanges words with Kevin de Bruyne, his fellow Belgium international.

The Manchester City fans soak it all in.
Fabian Delph, speaking to BT Sport:

"The win is huge. We knew coming into the game it was our toughest of the season but we had a game plan and we stuck to it.

"The plan was to stick with them on the counter. I lost Willian a few times but I think we did the job to a tee.

"That performance there was for one of our teammates, Benjamin Mendy. He left us a message before the game and we knew we had to do it for him. If you're watching, that's for you big man.

"It sends out a massive message. We needed to come out on top today. There's a togetherness in the team and you could see that on the pitch today."


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Oustanding stuff.

Don’t let them say that Pep doesn’t know what he’s doing - that result was as much a result of his hard work, planning and inspiration as it was the individual skill of KDB’s strike.

The Champions were played off the park on their home ground. Doubtless it will be excused by the absence of Luiz, the loss of Morata :040: :040: but if the hacks are honest this was an oustanding performance.


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I would like to think that this is a seminal moment in our history. Last season we were, in my opinion, robbed iin this fixture. If we get the rub of the green, we will smash this season.

Admittedly, the injuries to Kun and Mendy are a bit against the rub!
I await the mantra about 'City's back line hasn't really been tested yet' despite only 3 goals conceded in 8 games across 3 competitions.

They forget that defending is done by the whole team - the high work rate of the forwards and midfield eases pressure on the back four, reduces opportunities for the other side and makes the job of the CB's & FB's easier.

They are desperate for Pep to fail and it grinds my gears that they have been quick to point the finger at Guardiola and question whether he can 'handle the Premier League', willing to ascribe victories and good performances down to the quality of the players and especially how much they cost but are singularly unwilling to acknowledge that we are seeing something different at City this season - a more cohesive team approach and work ethic. He has not only improved individual players, he has improved the TEAM.

One other thing they are keen to ignore - the players acquired were not picked at random, they were selected as the best fit to achieve Pep's goals and philosophy of playing football. They act as if you can randomly parachute £50m of player into position X and Hey Presto you get Instant Success. Utter nonsense. Unless those carefully selected players are properly coached to make the correct decisions in a game and when and where to move etc you will NOT get the same result.

Top result against the reigning Champions on their own ground. The stats speak for themselves.