Change For Cardiff Clash


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Nottingham Forest's Championship meeting against Cardiff, scheduled for Saturday 25th November, has been put back to the Sunday.

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For over 125 years the football league could do a fixture list, that made sure that two teams from the same city, did not play at home on the same weekend, using a pen and paper.
Today we have super computers where you can program in many perimeters to do the work for you, but at least four times this season Notts and Forest are both home or away at the same time at weekends.
This is not just a problem for Nottingham, the same is happening in Bristol, Sheffield and other places where two teams in close proximity do not wish to play at home at the same time often for police and safety reasons.
Maybe it is time the Football League went back to quill pens and parchment to get the fixtures right


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all that needs to happen is to write down the fixtures for half a season and then reverse the fixtures for the second half. it really is not that difficult.