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Why Brentford punch above their weight in the championship / greedy, incompetent owners – part 94

Nottingham Forest

Owned by Kuwaiti idiots who overspend wildly without any positive result, they’re now planning to sell a controlling stake in Forest to a Greek crook who would make Vito Corleone look like a model of good behaviour.

This oaf is the subject of criminal charges on five counts of bribery and blackmail, including – and I’m not making this up - blowing up a bakery owned by a referee. (“F*ck you and f*ck your Bagels”)

So over to you Football League / F.A.
Fit and proper person test anybody? No, I thought not.

Sorry for the fans, but it’s because we’ve got a smart, sensible owner that we can out-think and out-perform these clowns.



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Staggering, all I can say really.

Mission statement at GP should read, find 3 incompetent clubs to fill the relegation spots and work upwards from there. Barely competent gets you mid table, semi competent play offs, and smart / competent can take you all the way.

Seems Wolves are about to get a new mega rich Chinese owner too.

Oh and I do enjoy occasional use of the word "oaf" - well said.


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Add Leeds and Blackburn to Nottingham Forest and you have some of the craziest owners you can think of. Neither am I sure QPR, Reading and Fulham's owners know what they are doing ( fortunately). We wait to see what the Chinese owners at Villa and Wolves do and of course there is also the unpredictable Tan at Cardiff.

When you digest MB's latest email it does reinforce how lucky we are to have not only a fan but such an astute owner.

Spanish Bee

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Given that we get no say, and also bearing in mind where we have been in the past there is no question that we should be glad to have the owner we have. Please note that I did not say grateful, just glad. I don't hold with the St. Matthew can do no wrong because it is obviously not true, the club has made some really bad mistakes and when that happens we should criticise without getting hysterical about it. I don't know what this season is going to be like, but I think we are in a good place. There is an ancient Chinese curse "May you live in interesting times". I hope this season is less interesting than last.