Champions League gravy train


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It's little wonder that Leicester City's owner is distraught at their position in the league and sacked the manager when you see what the club received for their first foray last season in the Champions League. 81.7m euros. Arsenal received 64.6m, Man City 50.2m and Spurs 44.3m. It's little wonder players want to be at a club who are in the competition regularly.


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It certainly is a huge pot of gold being in it. But in order to compete and perform at the top end of the Premier League you really need almost two full sets of top first team players - Leicester never had that and were clearly going to suffer the season after.

Likewise, for clubs regularly getting into the competition and then missing out for a couple of seasons, really suffer.
Since ITV lost the rights ive hardly even bothered watching the Champions League as I dont have BT and can hardly be arsed to stream nowadays. Just watch the odd game on the free channel on Freeview as you cant get it on Sky.


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The primary reason Leicester are struggling is they sold Kante and to a lesser extent Drinkwater. SBR used to field near enough the same team Wed and then at the weekend and we had a great record in the Premiership after playing in the Champions league midweek.