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Chairman's letter re: season tickets


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Yes, hear what you say, Mark. I also agree that GFC`s inter-action with its fan base probably could have been a bit better, especially over the past couple of seasons. But then none of us really knows the detail and level of financial stress that the pandemic has caused for GFC and similar clubs.

The donation of rebate number, at 75% was much higher than I would have envisaged. That says a lot more about the core depth and strength of fan support for GFC than it does the club`s owner. As for future ST take-up, I imagine that more people might be inclined to leave it to the last minute than stump up substantial sums well in advance.
I really believed the numbers would be as good as that and that they may well end up better still. I think the club needs to take on board that it has a modest but fiercely loyal base and act and communicate accordingly. Scally could have been bold and trusted fans earlier; they would not have let the club down. Forget the online rumbling because it's a mixture of understandable venting and complete rubbish from non fans.