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Carrow Road.

Bolshie Budgie

Vital Squad Member
I was overlooking the South Stand car park next to all the scaffolding about a 30 second walk from the ticket office!!

--> Sounds like Allison Bank?

I am over a couple of times before Xmas but opted for the Travelodge in the centre (on my own)

--> Is that the Travelodge near Prince of Wales Rd?

and then bringing the entire family with me in December for a stay at the Sheriffs House in Colegate whatever that is all about!

I was in Margate last weekend for a music thing and I have never seen seagulls so massive. They looked menacing!
--> The seagulls seems so big nowadays!

Bolshie Budgie

Vital Squad Member
Please to report that the floodlights looked in good order last night and the tanoy system appears to be working.

Just need the City Council to sort out the pavement outside the Geoffrey Watling stand (assuming its a public pavement) and the ground area looks in good condition unlike Poorman Rd (from what I hear).

Bolshie Budgie

Vital Squad Member
Now I understand why sometimes I can sometimes see a glow at Carrow Rd late at night.

At last nights membership meeting (see the membership thread for comments - with more to come) held at the Top of the Terrace in the Barclay Stand you could see some gantries on wheels on the pitch mostly at the Barclay end. These gantries had lamps connected to them to help the growth of the grass forming the pitch.

Bolshie Budgie

Vital Squad Member
Some work going on, along the new bit of land, NCFC have purchased between Carrow Rd and Koblenz Avenue.

Looks like they had the light gantries on last night (after midnight) to help grow the grass!

This season:
Repainted the South Stand concourse
Refreshed the main entrance to the South Stand
OTBC words on the steps into the South Stand
New digital screens on the Barclay and River End.
Work(?) on the power generator near Ashman Bank
New kitchen(?) on the ground floor of the Barclay.
Anything else.............?

Good that our ground is being well maintained and not left to become the state of Poorman Rd.

Just need the council to sort out the pavement outside the Geoffrey Watling stand.