Caribao Cup


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The draw takes place at 16:00 today, Thursday on twatter(!?)

Bristol City

Rags nailed on at home to BC then.

The official Carabao Cup Twitter feed has said this:

"Draw delayed: Carabao Cup Round Five Draw will now take place at 5pm following a minor technical glitch at Twitter HQ."

Looks like they warmed the wrong ball and have to wait till it cools down.
Leicester it is then and the rags got Bristol away not at home, that was supposed to make it look authentic.

why the delay, when they could simply write 8 numbers on paper and pick them out of the hat, Oh, you can't warm paper sufficiently because it sets on fire and that would give the game away.
Look at the draw as a whole. It is beyond the odds that ALL the "big guns" have been kept apart.
We all know it's a fix. Rags were always nailed on to get the minnow and, as rightly pointed out, away, to make it look a tiny bit less obvious.

The whole competition has been a farce this season, from the farcical draw procedures and cock ups thrrough the utterly transparent ensuring that interest is maintained for as long as possible by keeping the bigger PL teams apart and thus ensure maximum coverage/ interest.

What a joke. No wonder managers don’t take it seriously. An utter joke.

Now we have ANOTHER away Cup game in the run up to Christmas :017:
What I don't understand is why no-one in the media is picking up on this and delving into it.
It happens time after time with these draws but nobody questions it. A bit of investigative journalism is needed.



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Rising - 27/10/2017 05:00

An update that they have still been unable to "fix" the warming of the ball(s).

Now I understand what you meant about them not getting the balls fixed Rising.
After that draw I’m beginning to feel a bit paranoid.


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So they have it that City, Arse,Chelski and the rags are the big chance for the semis and of course a money making final. Not obvious at all. :013:
They practice the draw who needs to practice the draw??????

A technical glich?????

8 piece of paper with a number on each piece, fold it up and put it in a hat, bag bowl, whatever then draw.

I think they practiced until they got the draw they wanted, call me cynical, but it smells