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Now iv'e been a bit of a boy in my time I have lost my liberty three times.I moved up South Shields about 24 years ago and by fuck the north east is a hard place it really is.But I made my mark up here and there's one thing the geordies appreciate is people who stand up for themselves and I always have.They think anybody who comes from down south are soft but when faced with some one who aint soft they admire.Today I went to Stoke in my car never had a drink and drove straight home after the game because I had to go my mates missus 50th who incidently is a fireman and also ex forces a commando to be precise not her obviously.The whole place at the party was full of boys and I was at the top table sitting there like king dick I suppose but something magical happened tonight.I was there with my missus and my youngest who if anyone remembers is a lesbian but for one reason or another we have always clashed and she as accused me of being homophobic and I probably was because in my world things are always black and white.But tonight me and my daughter have had a great night we have danced together come on Eileen nearly fucking killed me lol but all the boys were moving on to the clubs and wanted me to go with them which I normally would have but not tonight I was so over whelmed with the love from my daughter sometimes we think we know it all till something springs up and smacks us straight in the face we have friends and lots but we only have one family.


Chuffed to bits for ya gator dude, you have realised what is most important in life and that in itself is all that matters, some poor buggers go through life and think they know this but never actually do it, our kids and there well being is all that matters same as mom dad family etc, but when the kids am happy and healthy nothing else matters, its all i live for my kids tbh oh and Villa unfortunately :17:

I was a bit homophobic tbh i even used to avoid my auntie who married my uncle he brother was one but randystand and him being a Villan made me wake up a bit tbh and realise who am i to judge with what people have to go through in this life to be happy the abise family trauma and everything else must be bloody tough so i felt as long as somebody is alright with me im alright with them whatever there race religion or who they fancy lol live and let live.

gator dude i know yam a good lad and one day i will have a beer with you before you pop it :17: so hearing you have clicked with your daughter after going through the tough things you had to face on prociples etc im chuffed for ya our kid really am :1: :7:


Has a high horse
Good to hear you are coping with life's trials Gator. I remember when you shared the situation with us before.
Onwards mate.


Vital Champions League
Thanks for sharing this. We are home for Christmas for the first time in three years and being able to spend it with our family makes it ultra-special.