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Can't see Jason Oswell on the list


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I think... the official line was that his contract was 'not yet agreed'.

Hmm... we have lost Ball so far. Losing Oswell will totally deflate me!

Will we get a fee if he goes?

Will the rumours of a take-over come to fruition - if so surely the player would be told and perhaps promised better terms?

(Oh and Vincent Company of a Manchester club is one name I keep hearing bandied about as a the new owner. I make no further comment on that)

Not had a season ticket for a few years now... as I came out of EP after the Chorley defeat I was seriously considering one with my 10 year old lad. IF we start to lose our best players I will stick to 8-10 games next season.

Bet I am not on my own with that line of thinking!


Any County fans want to jump in and get their point of view across - in a friendly mature manner - please register. Or mail and I will get your membership sorted out.



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Wow! Somebody putting money into county would certainly give us hope for the future. Currently in Edinburgh on Golden wedding anniversary weekend.


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LGC congratulations! My silver anniversary is a couple of years away.

The weather looks decent - have a brilliant weekend (and cross fingers you come back to a County with new money behind it)