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Canada bans Marmite!


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Canada has banned the sale of a string of iconic British foods such as Marmite, Ovaltine and Irn-Bru because they contain illegal additives, it was claimed.
Tony Badger, who runs a British specialty food store, was ordered to stop selling several popular UK exports which had ingredients that did not appear on the Canadian ‘approved food list’.
Government inspectors visited Brit Foods in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, last week and removed all the offending items, which also included Lucozade, Penguin Bars and Bovril.

I think they risk being booted out of the Commonwealth! I note that Vimto hasn't been mentioned - so far..



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Well tbf I would ban all them products too but I suppose the nation will speak up if the demand is there.As for the Commonwealth they have too many fish to be banned from that.


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Dont worry 'Murikah will sell it to them in bulk they dont give a fuck whats in the food...

I try to buy mostly fresh stuff here because I genuinely do not trust their highly processed stuff like Pizzas etc... Dont get me wrong I will have it very occasionally if Im hungry and need something quick but if that happens maybe once every month and thats on one meal...


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So glad my Daughter doesn't like marmite, has she lives in Canada. I get to send Yorkshire tea out regularly to her. Not that she can't get it out their, it's the price which is ridiculous, so ofcourse it is far cheaper for me to send it out to her cos then it doesn't cost her anything at all. LOL.

When she first moved out in 2009 it was $25 dollars for a pack of 80 T-Bags hence ever since I have been sending them out