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Can We Do It?


Vital Reserves Team
Heart says yes but head says no. Dodgy keeper, flaky defence and playing away and under pressure which proved too much at Sutton. Fingers and legs crossed, eh.

Old Poolie

Vital Squad Member
As with yourself Alf2, my heart yearns for a Pools victory but my head can only see the advantages in Stockport's favour resulting in them being victorious.
Perhaps in this "High Noon" confrontation the "underdog " can come out victorious - albeit after a cliffhanger penalty shoot out!

We can only hope.


Vital Reserves Team
Could easily be that or indeed almost any other scenario. I cant see us stopping Stockport scoring so it is matter of how well our attacking play works out.


Vital Reserves Team
I am in dream land. Cant remember being so happy. Us Poolies are just not used to this. DC's tactical nous and experience of play offs has seen us through. Gonna a have a couple of beers to celebrate. Just before though, I just want to say Brad James had a very solid game today and Odusina, Johnson and Liddle were excellent. Of course Oatsey deserves all the plaudits as well. Every Poolie put in a great shift. Now where's that bottle opener?