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Cambridge United (h): Ticket Information


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Only a few remaining in SW block 1, Legends Lounge and restricted areas in selenity.

It appears blocks 2/3 in SW have had a mad spurt in the last couple of days in the SW.

Were they on sale before? Normally sold out blocks state "sold out" whereas "not on sale" (ie BM) show as unavailable. Didn't check before tonight so not sure whether they have sold out SW 2 and 3 or holding them back for the hoardes from Cambridge (would suggest 400 absolute max from Cambridge)
Silly question maybe but just been looking at ticket sales for Cambridge and Carlisle, one of the areas in the Coop for saturday just says ended not sold out? Any idea what this means ?(sensible answers please)
Interesting article below- I don't agree with everything in the article but there is a point around how we are having to manage additional "late in day" ticket sales and how this will only impact negatively on consistent crowd attendance.

So tonight the BM 1-4 has gone on sale to home fans for the Cambridge game which means Cambridge will have SW (likely 6 and 7)- last week, we had the SW and Crewe had the Uni and BM1-2.

I don't know if there is an answer to this but the ability to consistently market our brand is affected by the current position and it does affect our attendance.

Anyway BM now on sale for home fans so fill your boots