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Cahill Rumours Rumble On


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Nothing against Gary but it never seemed like his heart was at Villa Park. I think it's all paper talk since he's leaving Chelsea. He'll probably end up in China.

The Fear

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Still solid according to my Chelsea editor. Experience. Surely that would be a good thing for a season or two?

I think his heart was in it, but he knew from the way MON was acting, he wasn't going to get a look in and wanted to be playing first team football. I knew someone involved at the Academy at the time and they were all gutted and de-motivated at MON and his refusal to give him the natural progression he deserved and felt he was the best product they'd ever developed. Think they have since been proven right at that.


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It was an absolute joke the way he was treated. When you think we sold him to Bolton and then see the parade of jokers we signed in his position around that time and afterwards it still annoys me. Zat knight, Zat Fecking Knight!!!

Melon Donkey

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Would be a great signing. Brings bags of experience in the league. One or two older heads like him with the rest would be ideal.

33 but hardly kicked a ball last season so should be fresh and raring to go.


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I would take him in a heartbeat.

Experienced, knows the club and, to all intents and purposes, has had the last year off.
Absolutely agree with what Purlsow and Dean have said about young players which we can coach and sell on for a bigger price, however there definitely needs to be an experienced heads in amongst them that can lead the way in tough times and keep players focussed.

Dean himself stated that the likes of Whelan, Jedinak and Elphick had been strong steady voices and that their leadeship off the pitch and in the dressing room had benefitted the team.

He'd be on a free which gives us a little bit of wiggle room with regards to wages. As long as he's not being silly with them then it's a no-brainer for us.


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All depends on wages for me. He's definitely still good enough for the PL and would give us some much needed PL experience. He seems to look after himself as well, so I could see him having another 3 years easily. If he's looking for anything north of £60k a week though, it probably wont happen


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He's 3 years younger than John terry was when we signed him, he would be a modern day version of big cyrille on a free transfer, same age.
No brainer.
May as well stick with Chester who is 3 years younger , if Cahill is the best we can come up with.
Surely we are looking for a ball playing CB in the Mings mould


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As said, no brainer. We need to walk before we can run, Cahill will help us do that. He can also llay in a 3 , 4 or 5 so would give us options. Is he right or left sided though , we need a right sided player.


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Be nice to see him back, were not Billy Big Bollocks just yet. I did see a comment somewhere about or chances of "Pushing for European Football"
I dont doubt we would all love that but lets get a squad capable of challenging to stay in the Premiership first.
He played 28 games for Villa.
The only thing he did of note was score that one goal .
He helped Bolton to relegation in 4 years and has been a good servant to Chelsea .
He's linked to us because he's and ex player and John Terry is here .
If he'll take 20k a week for a couple of season to help out then fine but something tells me he won't . He's got no more loyalty to Villa than any other team he'll go to whichever mugs give him the best contract